Live Big

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“Lead from the front, or get the hell out of the way!”

-SSgt Lewis, USMC

I had a Marine Corps Drill Instructor in my early Navy days that had the above quote as his motto.  It was a simple call to live out what you preach, or give your position to someone who is willing to do so.   At the time, his job was to train candidates in preparation to become U.S. Naval Officers at Officer Candidate School in Pensacola, Florida.  The mandate for good leadership is pretty clear for military officers, but I’d argue that we’ve all been put in some sort of leadership position.  Whether you’re on a team, in a family, at a job, or at a school- the simple question stands: “Are you living up to your potential?”

Earlier this week, many of you were surprised by the news that Coach Rachael was moving on from CrossFit Eastern Ridge and Sheboygan to pursue her competition goals in Green Bay, WI.  If you felt anything like me, your response was a mix of sadness and excitement.  The selfish part of us wants her here with us, the good part of us knows she’s doing the right thing and is happy to cheer her on, just grateful to have had our time with her.

Rachael has been an influencer from the moment she stepped into CFER.   Rachael started doing CrossFit at CFER in the fall of 2014.  Five minutes after she started, her name started gracing our benchmark board… until she pretty much owned the whole thing.  Then, early last year, Rachael became part of the Eastern Ridge coaching staff.  Whether she was teaching nuances of the hollow position or lapping you on a 3-round WOD, it has always been evident that Rachael is ALL IN when it comes to pursuing ‘Better Everyday’.  Rachael- for that, I and everyone at CFER are deeply grateful.


I’ll be honest, I’ve lost sleep before thinking about whether I’m living up to my calling.  Am I being the coach my team deserves?  Am I being the father or husband that I should be? Am I living to be the biggest version of myself that I can be?  When my time in this game, on this team, in this place, or in this life ends … am I moving on with no regrets?

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of those questions, here are your orders:  LIVE BIG.

OK, how do you do that?  Take a five-minute look inside yourself to see what makes you tick, what fills you up.  Do something today, in that area, that makes you uncomfortable but makes you better.  Keep finding one thing, day after day, that scares you a little bit but makes you stronger.  Your coaches at CFER do that regularly- they ask you to do something that’s daunting, too heavy, or scary.  Then you do it and walk away a stronger, more confident person.  Try some of that outside the gym, on your own terms.

It’s been no secret that Rachael’s passion is competition.  I’m no expert on genetics, but I’m confident that competition is part of Rachael’s DNA.  If you don’t believe me, beat her score on a workout- I can almost guarantee she’ll do it again.  Wait, bad example… people don’t beat Rachael on workouts.  Try Monopoly.

Rachael has asked herself the questions on living big, and she’s going to find out where her passions will take her.

Live Big, Rachael.  No regrets. Thank you for leading from the front.

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