What is CrossFit anyway?

“That’s way too intense!”    “I’m scared I’ll get hurt!”    “I can’t do that!”    We get it… CrossFit looks intimidating from the outside, and most people will dismiss it before they find out what it is.  After all, it is human nature to fear the unknown.  But consider a time in your life when you accomplished something great.  Was the process challenging?  Did achieving that task require you to leave your comfort zone?  Absolutely!  CrossFit is preparation for the unknown and unknowable- it’s training that makes you stronger for all of life’s demands; physically, mentally, and emotionally.   And like your great accomplishment, it requires commitment, energy, and a proper path to follow.  That is CrossFit.

The Eastern Ridge Way

Our program is designed to benefit all individuals, regardless of age or fitness level.  We teach our athletes proper technique for performing functional movements, ensuring that they move safely before they add intensity.  You will learn and get fit with ever-changing workouts that combine cardio, bodyweight exercises, and weightlifting, scaled to the appropriate level for each person.  By varying the load and intensity, we take rank beginners through the steps necessary to become exceptional athletes.  The results are dramatic, and the atmosphere of support and encouragement make the results achievable for ANYONE.