What Our Gym Offers


CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Kids brings all the fun and effectiveness of CrossFit to kids ages 6 through 15. Kids learn how to move properly and get excellent fitness while having tons of fun!



CrossFit is the most effective physical training program this world has ever seen. Using an ever-changing mixture of gymnastics, weightlifting, and metabolic exercises, CrossFit athletes enjoy fitness results previously unheard of.




Nutrition is the foundation to your health and physical well-being. Unfortunately, doing nutrition well is hard. Nutrition accountability gives you the coaching and support to actually make the positive dietary habits that give results.


Barbell Club

Barbell Club focuses entirely on the core and accessory movements of Weightlifting. Whether you want to train for a Weightlifting competition or just feel more confident with the barbell, Barbell Club is for you.


Better Everyday

Better Everyday classes are an opportunity for athletes to improve their performance in CrossFit. Better Everyday classes dig deeper into the techniques and progressions needed to master CrossFit movements.

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